Estimate cost of your cleaning service

Pricing solely for information purposes, the final price may vary slightly.
  1. Count the number of rooms in your home (except kitchen)
    • bathroom,
    • bedroom,
    • living room,
    • dining-room,
    • patio/conservatory
    • office
  2. Think about other rooms
    • small WC,
    • porch,
    • utility room,
    • corridor and stairs (on each floor)
  3. Calculate your cost according to the table below
    Type of service Price per room Other room
    Regular cleaning - weekly £6£4
    Regular cleaning - fortnight £7£5
    Regular cleaning - monthly £10£6
    Move in/out cleaning
    (no furniture in house)
    Spring deep cleaning
    (furniture in house)

    Other rooms which has not been listed will be priced on free quote.
    Offices will be priced individually.

Ironing prices
Ironing service included in house cleaning scheme - £9/hour
Collect and bring back - £12/hour
Ironing and laundry - from £15